03 May 2009

Pekoppa, another success for Sega Toys.

The Sega Toys Pekoppa is a small electronic plant that nods to voices. It is said to have a 'healing' effect and can act as therapy for the lonely. It is well known that communication works better when the participent reacts to your words!

Sega Toys reported in January that, in just three months, it had sold 50,000 units of the Pekoppa. Pekoppa was developed with the help of a Dr. Tomio Watanabe in Japan and is becoming a valued asset of the Japanese household. The company attributes the success of the plant to the epic loneliness of many Japanese.

Know someone who needs a friend? Do you just want to add a bit of greenery to your modern home, why not adopt your Pekoppa now...
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