29 May 2009

Peanut, Dotty and Charlie - New AniMagic Pets

Following the success of Honey my Baby Pony, Vivid Imaginations will be releasing a similar set of household pets at the end of June.

The new range of interactive plush pets is called AniMagic, a range of animals that respond to touch. For dog lovers, there's Peanut My Playful Pup and Dotty my Playful Pup Dalmatian. They each come with their own bone which can be put in their mouth to hear them chomp and bark. Stroking their head will make them move and wag their tail.
If you're more of a cat person, they are also introducing Charlie My Cute Kitten to the collection. Feed Charlie her bottle to hear her slurp and rub her back to see her move her paws, meow and look around.

The range will be released at £44.99 and are suitable for ages 3 and up. Very soon you'll be able to adopt your own at Electronic Pet Shop.
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