15 May 2009

RSPB Bird Collection with Real Birdcalls!

Electronic Pet Shop now stocks the full range of Electronic RSBP Bird Toys from every series.

Each cuddly bird can be squeezed to activate a genuine recording of the bird's birdcall. Collect all of the birds and in no time you can learn all of the birdcalls. Never again will you have to experience that feeling of utter embarrassment when you got that cuckoo mixed up with a bullfinch.

The RSPB Plush birds are produced by Wild Republic and the RSPB so that every time you adopt a bird from Electronic Pet Shop, a donation is given to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds to help endangered species. Each bird comes with its own little booklet so you can educate yourself or a loved one about the new bird in your life. The birds are a perfect gift for bird lovers or anyone that's ever seen a bird and wondered what it was.

The sharpest of you may have noticed a bee in the picture above. Don't worry, we know a bee isn't a bird. The RSPB have also released 7 insects with real buzz. The bugzzz come with their own little booklet and a percentage of the profits are also donated to charity. Even sharper viewers may be able to spot a monkey. We have no explanation for this.

Excited? Well, for any collectors out there we also stock the RSPB bird nest, perfect for anyone wanting to show off your new birds. And you know what they say about the early bird... better get yours now!
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