01 April 2010

Baxter the Ball Fetching Puppy - Back in Stock - £29.99

Baxter the Ball Catching Pup is back at Electronic Pet Shop!
"Dogs are some of the cleverest domestic pets available. They fetch balls. You wouldn't see a hamster doing that. The Baxter dog fetches its ball just like a real dog. When you throw the ball Baxter will 'hunt' for the ball with infrared technology. Watch as its head moves up and down as it looks for the ball avoiding objects. Once found, it will pick up the ball and bring it back to you. Baxter can also be made to follow the infrared control bone. Just press the button to make Baxter run back to you. Baxter makes around 20 different dog sounds and is sure to be a friend for life.
When Baxter isn't getting attention it will fall asleep. Dreaming of chasing rabbits or even more likely, chasing its ball."

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