19 March 2009

Pekoppa the Japanese Healing Plant!

It's a common theory that the household plant loves to listen to you talk. There have been many investigations into the theory and while results have come back saying that it aids in growth.... there is no actual hard evidence. Until now.

The Sega Toys Pekoppa is a potted electronic plant imported from Japan. In today's busy, frustrating and fast-paced society, sometimes we just need someone to lend an ear to us. Plants don't answer back, interrupt or judge you. The Little Healing Pot Plant is always there for you. It'll respond to your voice with lifelike leaf and stem movements as it bends, sways and nods, reacting to your voice. If real plants could move, this is exactly how they'd do it!
Pekoppa was developed with the help of a Dr. Tomio Watanabe in Japan. At first glance, the little pot plant looks real. However inside its stem lurks cutting edge technology in the form of high-tech material. The "muscle wires" become stiff to extend and contract silently when electrical currents are passed through them, creating fluid, lifelike movement.

Pekoppa aids with relaxation, de-stressing, expressing feelings and sharing secrets or worries. Speak to it whenever you want, and it'll respond with a mixture of casual and hearty nods offering agreement, comfort or sympathy depending on your voice tone. The more you talk to it, the more it seems to understand you.

We're not suggesting you should throw away all your household plants yet, but lets face it - when was the last time your Chlorophytum comosum (spider plant) really gave you any feedback on all your hard work? What's more, the Pekoppa makes a great easter gift for the green fingered wannabee!
To find out more about Pekoppa Click Here.

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