20 March 2009

Spring is Here.. Finally!

The snow has cleared and all the bad weather seems to have evaporated into blue skies and new seedlings. There's still a little nip in the air but what does it all mean? It means spring is finally here after what feels like a year of gloom.
To celebrate the first day of Spring and the oncoming Easter celebrations Electronic Pet Shop has started an Easter Section of all our Springtime Electronic Pets. Electronic animals are much less fattening than chocolate, so perfect as present for Easter.
Do you know someone who loves plants? Why not get them an Electronic Plant. A hassle free way to make a tribute to greenery; the Flip Flap uses only solar power to move. The flip flap is an attractive plant in various pot colours that requires no water or batteries. Simply sit it on your windowsill and watch it flap merrily away.

If you'd like a more complicated potted plant why not adopt a Pekoppa? Pekoppa is a plant imported from Japan that responds to your voice with silent nods of aggreement. Telling your problems to a plant may seem like madness but can be a theraputic way to get rid of your worries.

RSPB birds are a great way to learn about the different birdcalls. I never knew what a Hoopoe sounded like but now I can instantly tell if I hear one. Hoopoes are very rare in this country though, so it isn't very often! There are loads of different birds to collect and each one comes with information about the bird. You can even buy a nest to hold your birds, perfect for the bird lover.

For a more realistic bird, you can now adopt the Sega Toys Cockatoo or Canary. New in from Japan, the lifelike bird will open its beak and call when you pet its back. The Sega Toys birds are a perfect touch of nature for the modern household.

Electronic Pet Shop has a wide range of FurReal Friends Newborns. The FurReal Friends pets are lifelike animals that respond in various ways when they are stroked. New in are the Springtime Honey Bear, Dalmatian, Piglet, Chipmunk and Chimp. Perfect to keep the kids entertained or for the collector.

Get ready for some fun in Spring! You can even personalise your new animals with a free adoption package that includes a keyring with the owner's and pet's name, factsheet and collectable badge.

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