29 March 2009

New WowWee Alive Pets - Press Release

The WowWee Robotics Alive range, released in 2008, capture the technology of Hollywood-Style animatronics and captured our hearts over Christmas selling "over a million worldwide", says Graham Spark, Marketing Director.

The range will be a major focus for the firm this year with an extended line-up
Four new large pets will be available in the Autumn – the WowWee Alive Seal Pup, Husky Puppy, Koala Joey, and Leopard Cub. Each features animated facial and vocal expressions triggered by users' touch and comes with adoption papers and a family portrait. Other products included in the WowWee Alive line are adorable, 8-inch WowWee Alive™ Minis, complete with a feeding bottle the cubs can sense. These WowWee Alive Minis feature touch and tilt sensors triggering soft endearing sounds from snoring to gurgling that indicate the cubs’ various moods.

WowWee has also unveiled a new line of pajama pals, the WowWee Alive™ Sleeping Cuties™ pets. These adorable sleepy pets are perfect to cuddle up with for a nap. Featuring lifelike fur, a poseable head, and their very own blankets, the WowWee Alive Sleeping Cuties pets make gentle slumbering sounds, have animated eyes, and curl up into a cozy, napping position when you pet them. The WowWee Alive Sleeping Cuties pets come in four varieties: Labradoodle Puppy, Beagle Puppy, Cinnamon Persian Kitten, and White Persian Kitten.

The robotic animal sector is currently dominated by Hasbro's FurReal line, but Spark believes WowWee can compete and actually has a superior product. "We feel there is room for a good strong number two," adds Spark. "We're probably more expensive but the quality of the plush is better and there's the whole tactile side to it."

The plan is to link the WowWee Alive brand up with a conservation group. Each animal will donate a percentage of its profits to an endagered animal. A TV campaign will run from August through to November.

Electronic Pet Shop is the only online store in the UK where you can choose from all four Alive Cubs - Lion, White Tiger, Panda and Polar Bear. The high realism of the cubs is what makes them so lovable. Intricate details such as a backbone and blinking eyes make it very easy to believe that you have a real endangered cub in your arms.
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