02 February 2009

WowWee Alive Animals

In 2008 WowWee Robotics released 'Alive pets,' a new range of electronic animals. There are four Alive pets in the range; a Lion, Polar Bear, Panda and White Tiger.

The WowWee Alive pets are quite similar to the FurReal Luv Cubs and Jungle Cats but are more interactive and highly realistic. The pets all make different sounds and respond to motion and touch.
You can't ignore the similarities between the two ranges. Even the tag lines 'If it's not FurReal, it's not For Real' and 'So Real it's Unreal' seem to hold a clear resemblence. The WowWee animals are slightly more expensive than the equivilant FurReal Friends but well worth the extra. They retail at £49.99 but will undoubtably go up in price when the range gets discontinued. Hopefully the new competition for Hasbro will encourage new ranges of realistic pets with more features.

The Alive Panda and White Tiger were Exclusives but have now been released for general distribution. Electronic Pet Shop are currently the only place where you can choose from all four Alive Pets. To celebrate, for a short time we have reduced the price of the WowWee Lion and Polar Bear to £39.99. As always, this will include a free adoption package if you select the details.

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