31 January 2009

New FurReal Friends for 2009

The Hasbro stand at the Toy Fair in London showed a range of new FurReal pets. Fans will be pleased to hear that limited supplies of the FurReal kittens should be making a comeback sometime this year along with the Cuddle Chimp.
For Christmas 2009 we see the introduction of Lulu My Cuddlin' Kitten, Zambi the Elephant and the Newborn Black and White Guinea Pig.

Hasbro claim that Lulu will be more interactive than the White Cat but unfortunately will not sit up. Instead, Lulu will be able to roll over to let you pet her tummy and will take time out to lick herself. It's nice that the makers took the time to think about hygiene.

Zambi the Elephant will also be making an appearance Christmas 2009. While the demonstration Elephant was not fully working it was able to raise its trunk. When its trunk is stroked Zambi is able to grasp your finger with its trunk and give you a kiss. Zambi is one of the medium sized FurReal Friends and comes in at a retail price of £39.99. Hasbro will be donating 50% of all profits from the elephant, a minimum of $500,000, to a charity in Zambia. 'World Vision' is a charity that benefits children who have lost parents to aids. More about Hasbro children's fund can be found here.
The elephant is being sold for a really good cause and it will be interesting to see how popular the elephant is as one of the only non-household pets available from the range.

The FurReal Newborn range increases in size this year but as always, is a little unpredictable. In spring and summer the sets are said to include a marmalade kitten, chocolate labrador, dalmatian, lamb, piglet, chipmunk, panda and chimp. In Autumn and Winter the range will also include Beagle Pup, Calico Kitten, Honey Bear and Polar Bear. The much loved FurReal Guinea Pig released in the early millenium also sees a comeback in the later part of this year in a new colour.

Unfortunately, due to issues in the far east the FurReal Range will see an increase in prices in 2009. As always, we will attempt to keep the pets reasonably priced so they are affordable to all of our customers.
Zambi Elephant

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