31 January 2009

New Electronic Pet Blog

Welcome to the new Electronic Pet Shop blog. Here you can read all the latest news about Electronic Pets including FurReal Friends, Takara Tomy, WowWee Robotics and even Furby to name just a few!

We have big plans this year to help improve information about electronic pets on the internet. There are many reasons to adopt an Electronic Pet; they help teach responsibily to children, make great company for the elderly and can educate people about keeping real pets. Some people even buy electronic pets just for fun!

With the current economic climate, many people are now purchasing electronic pets as a cost and hassle free alternative to purchasing a real animal. Keeping a real pet is a huge decision and should not be done on an impulse... However, Electronic Pets can be just a bit of fun!

This is a temporary blog to document all the latest news about our shop and new pets available. In the meantime, you can purchase a wide range of pets from our shop. Just click here!

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