26 February 2009

Moving & Grooving Snake Speakers - 50% Off RRP

Everyone remembers the popular Movin' & Groovin' Flowers by Commonwealth toys. Ninties-esque flower speakers which moved and grooved to your tunes. Just like real flowers, they had sunglasses and little handbags...
Not as many people have heard of the Movin' & Groovin' Snake Speakers also by Commonwealth. While they weren't as well known, we think that on the whole they are better made and much, much less girly... Perfect for any snake lovers or anyone who needs to overcome their fear...
This groovy snake speaker comes with its own 3.5 mm jack connector for any of your multimedia devices. It doesn't require pluging in as it is battery powered. This makes it more portable and means it can be used outside. Just crank up the volume and enjoy the snake grooving to the beat. It can also be used as a stand alone speaker. For a portable speaker of its size, the sound quality is very clear and will liven up any desk space.

The Snake Speaker Retails at £29.99 but is sold at the Electronic Pet Shop, from just £14.99. As with all of the pets adopted you can add all the details about the new owner and personality of the pet to receive a Free personalised adoption package. To Find out more about the Snake Speaker, Click Here.

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