30 April 2009

Possible Extinction for Pleo?

For a short time only, Pleo is available at Electronic Pet Shop for just £179.99 with Free UK delivery.
This month UGoBe Inc, the company that produces Pleo, filed for bankruptcy meaning Pleo the Camarasuarus may go the same way that all the other dinosaurs did…

Pleo the dinosaur is one of the most interactive and lifelike robotic pets available. The baby dinosaur has drew many fans since UGoBe was founded in 2003 by Caleb Chung, the creator of Furby. While Furby sold over 50 million units, the £200 price point proved to be a little too high for Pleo.

UGoBe generated around $19.2 million in 2008 but it sharply dropped in the first three months of 2009. The robotic dinosaur ages to have different personalities and can interact with people through their 38 sensors. Pleo barks, shakes and generally responds like a real pet. With over 200 parts, it is by far the most complicated robotic pet currently available for under £200. The lifelike skin and autonomous behaviour makes it one of the first robots to compete with the likes of the Sony Aibo at a fraction of the price.

After floods of press coverage, Pleo was supposed to be released in 2006 but was delayed due to power problems. After delays, it took an extra year for Pleo to be on general distribution.

After a number of departures in UGoBe and suppliers suing the company for money, it filed for Bankruptcy earlier last month. Chung, who owns around 5% of UGoBe, has moved on and taken over as director of a School in Idaho.

What does all this mean for Pleo? Unless a toy supplier takes over the manufacturer of Pleo, it will stop being produced. Thanks to the recession, Pleo the baby dinosaur will be very diffult to get hold of soon.
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